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A Medic Bike Life

Became an Army Medic at the age of 17. Ft. Lenard Wood, Sam Houston, then Ft. Ord California for my first duty station. First bike was a little 350 Suzuki, first my baby. Soon after, I met a girl in my unit and started traveling up and down the California coast. We met fellow military, bikers, club members, being part of something bigger that you was so cool. Now, I'm an ER Nurse, I ride a Hog, and time has passed, but the Passion is still there. I love my veteran family, and the Brothers and Sisters that Ride. Life Is Good, Enjoy Everyday!


Our Vision

We want to create a place where our Veteran Brothers, Sisters, and those who love our military, can come, chat, maybe purchase a thing or two. If you have a love and respect for our country,  and everyday life, this site is for you. We want everyone to have that feeling of Freedom that comes with being in this wonderful country. We are a Rare Breed, and love It!

This Site is for the wild few, the patriots, the ones that like living on the edge.


Freedom Isn't FREE!


Meet Our Team. We're Out Getting Some Wind Therapy

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